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About Her~

Salam..merh sye nk citer tentang my bestfriend lakk..dye nih mmg cntik gilew..klu nk tgk belogg dye nih link nyew.. www.tuanhanis.blogspot.com..dye nih mmg bff dunia dan akhirat aq arh..walaupom aq slalu dengki nan dye sbb dye dpt 5A and beautiful..and many guys like her..but she always sabar and still want to be my friend..she is very good..wanna know about herr??let me tell u..
                                         Nama~Tuan NurHanis BT Tuan Nordisham
                                                        Tahun~Sweet 12
                                                         UPSR Candidates
                                       Perwatakan~Baik,Lemah Gemalai and Sabar
                                           BFF~Of Course ME,Hasif and Yasier
                                     HOPE OUR LOVE LAST AND NEVER DIE
Its all about her~

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